Dylan Marron - Every single word spoken by a person of color

Der US-amerikanische Schauspieler und Drehbuchautor Dylan Marron sucht in international bekannten Spielfilmen nach jedem von einer nicht-weißen Person gesprochenen Wort und löscht den Rest des Films. Zu den Videos.

Zitat Dylan Marron:
“The history of this project is that growing up as a brown kid in this country, you are very aware of your difference and I have always loved movies. We’re talking the whole range, as mainstream as it gets and as independent as running for one weekend at an art house cinema. I love that medium, so I’ve been an avid consumer since I was young and when I was growing up I never really saw my reflection on film. I never saw people who really looked like me and I think when you’re younger, you don’t really have the tools to wonder why, or you don’t think to ask why. You just accept it as truth.”

Quelle: Washington Post Online-Artikel vom 10. Juli 2015: Meet Dylan Marron, the actor and playwright behind those ‘every single word spoken by a person of color’ YouTube videos.