Trip to the Moon

TRIP TO THE MOON is a modern version of the classic children’s tale by Gerdt von Bassewitz. An adventure story for children and family audiences, full of magic and adventure, magnificent imagery and loveable creatures, like Mr. Sandman, the Night Fairy, the celestial Forces of Nature and Mr. Zoomzeman, the talking June bug. Peter and his dreamy little sister Anneli are having a hard time. They have just moved into a new neighborhood and are bullied by the other children at their new school. One day Anneli meets Mr. Zoomzeman, the talking June bug, who is desperate, because he has lost his tiny sixth leg in an unfortunate accident. Even worse: somebody has stolen it and took it away to the moon! According to an old prophecy, the missing leg can only be retrieved, if Zoomzeman finds two brave children, who will accompany him on his journey to the moon.