The Best Of All Worlds

The true story of a drug addicted mother, the adventurous world of her child and their love for each other.
Adrian’s childhood is spent in an exceptional environment, the junkie scene of Salzburg, an Austrian city, and with a mother moving between caring and being high. One day he wants to become an adventurer. Despite everything he experiences a protected childhood, the best of all worlds, until the outside world cannot be kept outside any longer. Helga realises she might lose her son forever if she doesn’t become clean. But for this she needs to challenge her inner demons.
In his debut film director Adrian Goiginger tells of his own childhood and thus creates an homage to his mother, a strong woman despite all bad circumstances. With the Austrian shooting star Verena Altenberger („Magda macht das schon“, „Die Hölle“) – best actress award at Diagonale – and the talent discovery Jeremy Miliker.