Having functioned over the years as informal network for collaboration, coordination and exchange of ideas on issues of common interest with regard to European audiovisual policy, the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) became on 9 December 2014 an international non-profit Association of the European Film Agency Directors.

The EFADs have three Working groups, dealing respectively with: cinema in the digital era, copyright and fight against piracy and film education. They meet on regular basis in different countries and following the main topics on the agenda. You can also find our common Position papers and press-releases.

The EFADs bring together the Directors of Film Agencies in 31 countries in Europe (the 28 Member-States of the EU + Norway, Iceland and Switzerland). The EFADs’ Board is composed of 12 countries’ representatives.

EFADs members meet at three or four plenary meetings every year and at numerous working group and Think Tank meetings across Europe. The EFADs also co-organise events, workshops and screenings with Creative Europe MEDIA and various audiovisual stakeholders.

EFADs Board members
Luis Chaby Vaz, Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual, President of the ICA Board of Directors
Edith Sepp, Estonian Film Institute, Vice-President of the EFADs
Bero Beyer, Netherlands Film Fund
Jeanne Brunfaut, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel (CCA) de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Nataša Bučar, Slovenian Film Center Guy Dalaiden
Guy Daleiden, Film Fund Luxembourg
Peter Dinges, FFA German Federal Filmboard
Chiara Fortuna, Directorate General for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism
Désirée Finnegan, Screen Ireland
Oliver Henrard, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)
Lasse Saarinen, Finnish Film Foundation
Roland Teichmann, Austrian Film Institute


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