Green Filming is a major concern for the Austrian Film Institute. Within recent years, Green Producing has established itself consistently and is now an important aspect of funding concepts (in Austria and abroad) regarding sustainability and CO2 emission reduction. The adaptation of the Guidelines aims to further establish an essential contribution to achieve the national and European climate goals of sustainable production as a contemporary quality standard for films funded in their production phase by the Film Institute. To support the film creatives and production companies with the implementation, the Austrian Film Institute will have a Green Filming Department as of 01.01.2023.

With the introduction of the Green-Bonus ÖFI+ of 5% and the already implemented criteria for Green Producing, the Austrian Film Institute has developed a Criteria Catalogue of Ecological Minimum Standards for Austrian Cinema Film Productions ÖFI/ÖFI+. Basis of this catalogue are the criteria and measures established by Guideline UZ76 Austrian Ecolabel ‘Green Producing in Film and Television’, coordinated with the film industry.

The MUST and TARGET specifications therein must be taken into consideration.


In accordance with the current Guidelines (in effect as of 01.01.2023) the following points are to be taken into consideration:

I.a.w. para. 6.1.3 Funding prerequisite is a statement of the producer concerning the planned implementation of Green Filming.

I.a.w. para. 6.1.7 Funding prerequisite is that all criteria established by the Film Institute for Green Filming, based on Guideline UZ76 Austrian Ecolabel “Green Producing in Film und Fernsehen” (Green Producing in Film and Television) are observed. 

You can find the ‘Criteria Catalogue of Ecological Minimum Standards for Austrian Cinema Productions ÖFI/ÖFI+’ at the end of the page for download.

With the introduction of the GREEN FILMING-CHECK productions can do a preliminary test if they fulfill the necessary number of MUST specifications. This check is to be attached when applying for funding. In the case of a contract conclusion, it constitutes an attachment to the funding contract.

In addition to the obligatory final report “Green Report”, the current status of the GREEN FILMING-CHECK is enclosed with the final report. This is used to assess whether the feature film project has been implemented sustainably.

GREEN BONUS ÖFI+: Since the Green Bonus ÖFI+ is part of the financing, it must be decided after the GREEN FILMING-CHECK whether it can be applied for or not.

In doing so, the MUST specifications must be complied with as follows:

  • Calculation scheme of the MUST specifications ÖFI: 20 out of 25 (6 mandatory basic criteria, other MUST specifications can be selected)
  • Calculation scheme of the MUST specifications ÖFI+: 22 out of 25 (6 mandatory basic criteria, other MUST specifications can be selected)

Further information on the Green Bonus ÖFI+ can be found in paras. 6a.8; 6a.9 and 6a.12. of the current funding guidelines here.

A calculation template including the possibility of calculating the Green Filming ADDITIONAL COSTS must be used.

Calculation of the expected additional costs: Any additional costs for compliance with the measures in the context of film production are generally eligible for funding (subject to review) and can be calculated accordingly in the production costs. Additional costs also include the costs for the Green Filming officer (e.g.: Green Film Consultant) and the costs for the certification for the Austrian Ecolabel (if certification is sought, we ask you to show this separately in the calculation).

For information: Certification by the Austrian Ecolabel (UZ76) of both the production company and the production itself is not mandatory. However, the certification and the resulting final report (Part B) replaces the final report “Green Report” of the Austrian Film Institute – this also serves as proof, in addition to successful certification, for the Green Bonus (ÖFI+).


According to the current Guidelines (valid from 01.01.2023), the following points must be considered:

I.a.w. para. 5.1. The Film Institute recommends taking into account the measures for Green Filming of the Film Institute, which are based on the guideline UZ76 Austrian Ecolabel “Green Producing in Film and Television”, already at the stage of project development, to create a “Green Concept”, and to involve a competent person (e.g. “Green Film Consultant”).

A leaflet on the final report “Green Concept” can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


9a.3. The subsidy amounts to 30% of the eligible distribution and/or exploitation pre-costs. The definition of eligible distribution and/or exploitation pre-costs follows para. 6a.7.1. (personal services) and point 6a.7.2. (company-related services). In addition, it is possible to apply for a 5% green bonus for an ecologically sustainable cinema release. The Green Bonus is part of the financing and can only be granted if the implementation of the project meets the ecological sustainability standards set by the Film Institute.

For this purpose, the Austrian Film Institute has developed a Criteria Catalogue of Ecological Minimum Standards for Austrian Exploitation Funding for Cinema Releases ÖFI+ to be able to apply for the Green Bonus ÖFI+.

The minimum standards for Austrian exploitation funding (cinema releases) are the first fundamental measures for the implementation of sustainable thinking in the execution of cinema releases. These are to be evaluated in the future and further developed with the distribution companies.

The “Criteria Catalogue of Ecological Minimum Standards for Austrian Exploitation Funding for Cinema Releases ÖFI+” can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Green Filming additional costs and Green Bonus calculation - ÖFI CALCULATION TEMPLATE 2023 available!

NEWS on the ÖFI calculation template:

New collective bargaining agreement 2023 incorporated // Amendments to new ÖFI/ÖFI+ Guidelines

The Green Bonus is independent of the actual amount of the Green Filming ADDITIONAL COSTS. However, these additional costs must be shown in a separate supplement “Green Filming Additional Costs” for both ÖFI and ÖFI+ (Green Bonus) in cooperation with the Green Film Officers during the project application. It is important that these additional costs are in any case part of the main calculation! In contrast to the supplement “ILV”, which contains an excerpt of all evaluated own services included in the calculation, only the ADDITIONAL COSTS are to be applied here (e.g., production coordination 13 weeks of total activity, 1 week of which additional expenses due to green filming activities, i.e. enter 1 week to the planned weekly flat rate in the supplement; aliquot ancillary wage costs are calculated automatically).

In addition to fixed positions such as for example a Green Film Consultant and Green Runner*, additional staff members can be selected via drop-down lists. Weeks and weekly salaries must be entered separately, the proportionate ancillary wage costs are calculated automatically on a pro rata basis, provided that you activate the “Employment” (“Anstellung”) box. Green Film Consultant*, Green Runner* and Certification Costs UZ76 are taken from the detailed calculation (they all represent additional costs).

The Green Bonus is calculated automatically if you click on the corresponding checkbox in the financing plan. The Criteria Catalogue for the Green Bonus as well as the obligatory Green Filming-Check_ÖFI_ÖFI+ can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Most of the budget areas in this supplement are freely designed and to be budgeted in cooperation with the Green Filming Officer. If you have any questions regarding Green Filming, please contact Ms. Nina Hauser or Mr. Christian Ruthner at:

Austrian Ecolabel - Green Producing in Film and Television

Ecolabel UZ 76

Since 2017, it has been possible in Austria for a film production to be awarded a certification for Green Producing and the Austrian Ecolabel by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT – Bundesministerium für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus)

The Austrian Ecolabel Guideline

The Austrian Ecolabel is awarded to specific film productions, not to a single production company. The ecological requirements along the entire production chain of a film production must be met.

A film production is defined as follows: the production of cinematographic, commercial, documentary or television films, series, shows (if the aspect of recording is in the foreground) or reports, which is divided into the phases of project development, pre-production, filming, post-production, and film exploitation.

For the specific film production, the Guideline includes criteria in the areas of mobility and climate protection, set, materials for buildings, set design and props, costume and makeup, technology, catering, and accommodation. Although the specific film production is awarded, there are also criteria that must be met by the production company. These must be proven during the initial ecolabel assessment. Among other things, the production company must appoint a Green Producing Officer, adhere to environmentally friendly office management, and motivate its employees to environmentally friendly mobility.

The guideline of the Austrian Ecolabel UZ76 and all related information can be found here:


As a professional film service point for national and international filming in Lower Austria, LAFC presented Austria’s first Green Guide back in 2018, which was expanded into EVERGREEN PRISMA, a unique Green Filming Service, in 2019.

The combination of a digital platform, a practice-oriented educational program, and transnational networking are the effective instruments.

In the meantime, the LAFC exists as a central competence center for green filming, nationwide and beyond.

In addition to numerous measures for all aspects of sustainable film production, there are also practical offers, including specific tools, such as the Austrian CO2 calculator for cinema and TV, to be able to produce films in a more environmentally friendly way.

The LAFC service is free of charge, and the LAFC also bears the costs of the training program, for example to become a Green Film Consultant Austria in cooperation with Philip Gassmann.

The Lower Austrian Film Commission has established the GREEN INCENTIVE AUSTRIA working group as a solid basis for targeted, interregional synergies between Austrian film commissions and funding institutions, and has been nominated for the comprehensive Green Filming Initiative for the EU Cultural Brand Award 2020 and two Makers & Shakers Awards 2020 in the award categories “FILM COMMISSION INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR” and “SUSTAINABILITY AWARD“.

LAFC was awarded the international prize “FILM COMMISSION INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR 2020” for its Green Filming Initiative Evergreen Prisma and, after being nominated twice, now also the EU Cultural Brand Award 2021 in the category “Sustainability in the Cultural Market“.

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Information as a press release in German and English can be found here

translated by: Martina Lattacher