Ute Bock Superstar

Ute Bock died on 19th January 2018. About ten thousand people gathered at the „Lichtermeer“ on Viennese Heldenplatz to take farewell.
Ute Bock Superstar measures the gap she has left behind and asks, if we aint in need of an iconic figure of humanity more than ever in our society. A role which Ute Bock indeed has always refused, because it can`t be iconic to offer food to starving people and accommodation for the homeless. This should be „a normal, natural act“, standing for itself.
The film refers to her family history, the father, from whom she distanced herself ideological, and the mother, who was from Germany. Also it tells about her time as home mother for adolescents considered as difficult, starting from the 90ies also refugees from the wars in former Yugoslavia and from Africa. Out of this developed her big aid-project for which she was celebrated like a popstar in public.
UTE BOCK SUPERSTAR shows the legacy of Ute Bock. Family members and colleagues, former pupils and refugees, children and adults, politicians and celebrities tell about encouters and experiences with her and create a shimmering overall picture of a modest woman who has achieved a phenomenal work.

Gender & Diversity